BYOD: Secured Work Profile for Android devices

With TinyMDM Work Profile management, create a secure work container to manage professional apps on devices used for work and personal purposes.

Work profile BYOD

Secure work container

Fully aware of the risk involved in not having BYOD managed, more and more companies are adopting an MDM software to secure employees’ personal devices, and thus access to business data. MDM solutions offer the ability to protect sensitive data (password management for access to the work profile, delete pro data in case of loss/theft, etc.), and to make key resources available (remote installation of business applications, synchronization of pro contacts, etc.). As an official Android enterprise MDM, one of Tiny MDM features is to manage personally owned devices in a Bring Your Own Device setup.

Business-related apps managed by the Work Profile are held in a secure container and protected by a password. A managed Google Play Store is also created on the Android device, with always up-to-date business apps and data: end users just have to tap the work tab to see their business apps, differentiated by a briefcase icon.

Employees no longer have the option of inadvertently downloading malicious applications within the work profile, or connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi networks to process sensitive data. All business applications and documents are protected in a dedicated storage compartment, which can be remotely wiped in case of a compromised device.

Data encryption

As an official Android EMM partner, TinyMDM seamlessly integrates Android Enterprise (AFW) and thus the Android encryption protocol FBE: the FBE encryption method encrypts storage areas with unique, user-dependent recovery keys randomly generated by the AES 256-Bit encryption algorithm. The keys are also protected by a component similar to the Trusted Execution Environment, as in the FDE implementation.The security policy is enforced via a DPC application installed in the work profile and controlled by TinyMDM. The separation of personal and business profile data is based on the multi-user logic of Android.

Android Enterprise

Source: Android Enterprise Security

Personal data privacy

Enabling a Work Profile allows companies to manage the business data and apps, but leave everything else on the mobile device under the user’s control. Admins can securely manage the corporate part but have no control over personal apps and data: cannot view, access, or delete anything personal. The end user can turn off / pause the work apps at any time in one click, thus respecting the right to disconnect. In addition, at any time the employee can go to the terminal settings and delete the work profile if it is no longer needed: all work data and business applications present in the container will be deleted from the phone.

work app off

TinyMDM's BYOD mode certified by Android Enterprise EMM

Secure work profile setup. BYOD management solution.

Boost productivity and ensure business data security by authorizing your employees to use they own device for work purpose in a secure way.

Business dedicated Play Store
Silently distribute work apps
Manage work app permissions
Enforce passcode policies
Push business contacts
Wi-Fi management
Android device kiosk mode
Remote wipe of work data
Compliance enforcement

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