Enabling a Work Profile is ideal for managing employee-owned devices (BYOD) or giving more freedom to employees using a company-owed device: it allows companies to manage the business data and apps, but leave everything else on the device under the user’s control.

Employees can safely use their device for work without being restricted from accessing their personal apps and data, and Admins can securely manage the work profile (they have no control over the device itself: cannot view, access, or delete any personal apps).

Customized Play Store

A second Play Store is created, where only authorized business apps are displayed.

Secure container

Business-related apps managed by the Work Profile have a particular business icon setting them apart from personal apps: they are held in a secure container.

work profile TinyMDM

To keep a full control over a corporate-owned device, Admins can choose to setup a fully managed profile. More information about the difference between a Work Profil and a Fully Managed device here.