The challenges of Mobility in the workplace: Focus on SMBs

Tuesday, May 18th 2021 @ 4:00PM CEST

What are the challenges of enterprise mobility for SMBs? What are the risks of using unmanaged mobile devices? How to communicate and get my team to accept a mobile management policy?

In this very practical webinar, we will review the key figures of the digitalization of companies by looking at the challenges that small organizations often face.

On the agenda:
✔ Key figures of enterprise mobility
✔ Focus on SMEs
✔ Risks associated with unmanaged mobile devices
✔ Benefits of MDM for SMBs


Valentine Lavie
Product Owner

Product Owner (and former Sales Manager), specialized in B2B and familiar with the challenges faced by small organizations, Valentine Lavie will take advantage of this webinar to share her expertise in mobility.