Two Chinese spyware discovered on the Google Play Store

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The recent identification of two spyware tied with China on the Google Play Store (File Recovery & Data Recovery – and File Manager – raises legitimate concerns about the security of users of this widely used application shop, particularly in professional environments. This news highlights the crucial importance for businesses to strengthen security measures to protect their sensitive data against potential threats from malicious sources.

The TinyMDM MDM solution, which is proactive in terms of security, immediately checked with all its users. To date, it can guarantee that none of them are using this spyware.

file manager spyware
file recovery data recovery spyware

Hackers use various hacking techniques to maximize their chances of success: legitimate appearance, minimal user interaction and preventing uninstallation.

In this case, the two applications discovered on the Google Play Store presented as file management applications show a high number of users, but curiously, have not received any evaluation. These applications also falsely claim that they do not collect any data from users’ devices. Indeed, it is stated that users cannot request the deletion of their data if it is collected. This goes against data protection laws. As a result, a lot of data such as contacts, media, location, phone network country code… is stolen.


Firstly, mobile device management solutions play an essential role in the fight against piracy within companies. By using Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, organisations can implement consistent policies across their employees’ mobile devices. Features such as application management and internet filtering help to protect devices against attacks and malware.

Secondly, it is also necessary to point out the importance of adopting mobile threat defense solutions to protect users against spyware and other malicious attacks. Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solutions offer real-time protection by analysing application behaviour, detecting suspicious activity and blocking potential threats.

By integrating these solutions into their security strategies, businesses can strengthen their defensive posture against hackers and spyware, protecting sensitive data and the confidentiality of their users.