TinyMDM solution for Transportation and Logistics

Warehouse mobility and transportation management

Transportation and Logistics industries no longer work with outdated technology and limited capabilities. TinyMDM is perfectly adapted to those sectors and their specific devices.

Focus on workflow

The less a warehouse operation has to worry about mobile devices themselves, and the more technology partners can handle them, the best the productivity is. Push software updates, manage security, monitor mobile devices in real time.

logistics mdm

Ease of use

Don’t overwhelm your workforce with several tools and technologies. With TinyMDM, they have everything they need, always up to date and easily accessible, right on their Android terminal.

Ruggedized space

Android is by far the leading OS in the ruggedized place: you can adopt the latest tech and TinyMDM is totally optimized to manage it. Learn more about rugged device management.

transportation mdm

Operational efficiency

Automatically install all apps and settings to your new devices based on the users’ profiles. Make it easier and faster to keep track, manage, and collect professional data.

Track your assets

Keep track of all your assets on the road in real-time on an interactive map: make sure the delivery is on time by checking the driver’s location.

Share business contacts

Create or update business contacts info from TinyMDM dashboard and push them to the devices so drivers always have up-to-date information without having to look for them.

Many actors trust us worldwide for managing their devices

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Protect your drivers
on the road

Using mobile devices while driving can cause drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel and have a reckless behavior, putting their life at risk. To improve road safety, TinyMDM has developed a feature that makes the device screen unresponsive above a certain speed.