TinyMDM Mobile Device Management Solution earns Samsung Knox Validated Partner Certification

TinyMDM, showcasing at the Mobile World Congress 2023 happening in Barcelona, just won the KVP badge and is now a valued member of Samsung Knox partners network, among only 14 other hand-picked MDM solutions. Samsung works with the best solution partners to meet the needs of its customers in all industries around the world.

Samsung KVP

TinyMDM is an Android mobile device management software created in 2019. Official Google Enterprise and Android EMM partner, TinyMDM quickly obtained Google certifications for its 3 management sets (Work Profile Management, Full Device Management, Dedicated Device Management). The MDM solution, a member of the French Tech and compatible with all Android-based devices, is the 15th MDM solution worldwide to obtain the Knox Validated Partner badge.

Knox Validated is Samsung’s verification and authentication program for enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution partners that meet Samsung’s Knox platform and product requirements, which encompass functionality, UX and documentation. For users, this means a more unified experience for Knox management and trust with EMM.

TinyMDM tested and approved for KME (Knox Mobile Enrollment)

Knox Mobile Enrollment is a simplified, hands-off enrollment process for Samsung devices: on first startup, devices are checked to see if they have been assigned a specific configuration. If so, the fully managed device configuration process is started, and the configurations are applied as soon as the device is out of the box. TinyMDM is one of the Samsung approved mobility management applications that are compatible with KME. Learn more about TinyMDM and KME.

TinyMDM integrates the Knox Service Plugin (KSP)

Knox Service Plugin (KSP) is an OEMConfig application with which you can configure Samsung-specific features on Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) on devices compatible with KPE. Because TinyMDM is an approved Samsung Knox Validated Partner (KVP), IT administrators can remotely configure Samsung device settings by modifying KSP configurations in the security policies and distributing them to devices. TinyMDM offers integration with Knox Service Plugin that allows users to experience over-the-air deployment and updates in Samsung devices. KSP plugin is included in your TinyMDM account, then all the Samsung-specific features, even the premium ones, will be available for your company. Learn more about TinyMDM integration of KSP.

This KVP certification is the result of a long collaboration between TinyMDM and Samsung: TinyMDM was recently invited to the Samsung R&D headquarters (in Warsaw, Poland) at the end of 2022 to present its MDM solution during the Samsung EU B2B Technical Summit.

Samsung B2B

Yann Mareschal, CEO of TinyMDM, at Samsung R&D Institute in Poland

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