Newsletter – September, 23


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With the new school year in full swing, TinyMDM is here to help you manage your mobile devices even more effectively. Discover the latest features and news to help you start the new season on the right foot.

Are you ready to enhance your mobile fleet for this season’s demands? Keep reading!

Wi-Fi configuration

Wi-Fi configuration update

From the Policies tab, you can explicitly forget a previously configured Wi-Fi network. If your devices are running Android 13, you can even restrict it to TinyMDM Wi-Fi networks only.


New features for the API

From the API, you can now view the health and battery status as well as mobile data consumption of your mobile devices, and update location tracking.

search enhanced

TinyMDM search enhanced

To make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for on the console, all the actions made on a specific device can now be seen from the Devices tab, and those related to your subscription are integrated into the Action logs. Also, for smoother browsing of your account, the pagination of the various tabs can now be changed.

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How does the TinyMDM team use its own solution on a daily basis?

demo tinymdm

In the world of mobile device management, the team at TinyMDM has developed a solution that meets the needs of many businesses: a solution for managing business mobile devices remotely. However, the real demonstration of the effectiveness of this product is in the way the team uses it internally. This article takes you behind the scenes of the TinyMDM team, where we find out how they use their own features to manage their devices.