TinyMDM Newsletter – May, 2023


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TinyMDM is budding with new features this May: simplify your mobile fleet management and make your business blooming!

Creation of geolocation history newsletter

Creation of geolocation history

Geolocation now provides a 3-day geolocation history.

Improvement of the export of enrolled devices newsletter

Improvement of the export of enrolled devices

The Entity and Build Number columns have been included to the export from the Devices tab.

Addition of groups of managers newsletter

Addition of groups of managers

Managers can be added to groups with assigned permissions.

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Kiosk mode for line workers

The development of mobility in the enterprise allows line workers to benefit from greater flexibility and autonomy in the execution of their tasks. What role can the kiosk mode of MDM solutions play in managing the mobile devices used by these workers? What benefits can it bring to factories and production lines?