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mobile data consumption

Mobile data consumption

View the mobile data consumed on each of your enrolled devices, by going to the Devices tab. Customize your graph by choosing the period taken into account, the unit of measurement and which SIM card to focus on.

bulk installation of apps

Bulk (un)installation of applications

Save time by remotely approve and install the public applications of your choice on one or more policies at the same time. In the same way, you can remotely disapprove and uninstall a public application across multiple policies.

device transfer

Device transfer

You want to change a user linked to a device without performing a factory reset? Go to the Devices tab and click on change the user. If you have access to several TinyMDM accounts, you can also transfer a device to another TinyMDM account.

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Update an application managed by the Play Store

From June 2023, it’s important to note that Google has made changes to the way app updates are managed. As a result, it will no longer be possible to manually trigger the update of an application managed by the Play Store via TinyMDM’s policies. This specific feature has been deprecated and will no longer be available in future versions of TinyMDM. However, it will still be possible to automate the update of Play Store applications or remotely trigger TinyMDM Store application updates.


Poor password management


Passwords are the first line of defence against cybercrime attacks, and poor password management can expose organisations to serious risks.

This infographic shows you the most common mistakes made when using passwords, the potential impact on businesses and the solution for securing the passwords of your end-users.