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Something new on the shared files front

Save time by importing up to 20 files simultaneously from the Shared Files tab. From this same tab, you can also update a shared file so that it is automatically synchronised across devices, without requiring any intervention on the part of users.

Ability to hide ‘Built-in apps’ in kiosk mode

Do you want to use an application without making it visible to the end user? Then go to the Policy tab, where you can hide both public and built-in applications.

Use of new tokens in the managed configuration of applications

Preconfigure an application before installing it on a device using the new tokens $imei$ and $serial_number$.

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TinyMDM mobile device management solution joins the Android Enterprise programme as a Silver partner

On 20 June 2023, TinyMDM officially received the Silver Partner Badge as part of the Android Enterprise Partner program. This distinction is a testament to TinyMDM’s expertise in enterprise mobility management and its commitment to the Android platform. As a Silver Partner, TinyMDM customers now have access to a range of resources, including training, technical support and marketing tools.

Two Chinese spyware discovered on the Google Play Store

The recent discovery of two spyware programs tied to China on the Google Play Store, a popular platform for downloading applications, has raised concerns about the security of sensitive corporate data. This highlights the need for organisations to strengthen their defensive posture against hackers and malware. To help reduce these risks, solutions such as Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solutions are available.

BYOD management: Transforming personal smartphones into secure work tools

In today’s business world, Bring Your Own Device has become a major phenomenon. Employees are increasingly using their personal smartphones to carry out their professional activities. But how can we find a balance between productivity and security in the BYOD era?

5 steps to configuring TinyMDM on your mobile devices

Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation, TinyMDM offers you a complete solution for managing your mobile devices in complete security, improving productivity and protecting sensitive data.

By following the 5 steps presented in this infographic, you’ll be able to configure the solution quickly and easily on all your devices.