Newsletter – August, 23


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Under the August sun, join us for a journey to the heart of TinyMDM’s new features: a lot of enriching features and news to boost your mobile efficiency!

floating widget

Addition of a floating widget

In kiosk mode, you can easily access settings using the floating widgets in the Settings, Wifi and Bluetooth applications.

Update of private apps

Update of private apps in the TinyMDM Store

You no longer need to open each policy to update your private application. You can now update directly from the TinyMDM Store by selecting the policies concerned.


Device transfer via API

Using the API, you can now transfer devices to other users with the same account.

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How are mobile devices transforming the healthcare sector?

Healthcare sector

Mobile devices are playing an increasingly crucial role in the transformation of the healthcare sector. They optimise the workflows and productivity of medical teams while contributing to the well-being of patients. However, managing these devices can be complicated and risky, particularly when it comes to the confidentiality of the information stored on them. MDM solutions offer features that enable healthcare professionals to take advantage of the benefits of these technological tools while reducing the associated risks.

[INFOGRAPHIC] MDM & freight transport

MDM & freight transport infographic

Freight transport companies are increasingly incorporating tablets and smartphones to better manage orders, deliveries, traceability, etc. A MDM solution is crucial for secure and optimal management of these devices.

Through this infographic, find out how transport companies use mobile devices and the features of MDM solutions tailored to this sector.