Newsletter - April, 23




Don’t be a fool, discover our pool of features for april!

What's new?

two step authentication

Two-step autentication

Enable two-step authentication for your managers to secure access to your console.


New feature on the API side

Find all the actions done by API
in the Action Logs tab.

synchronization compliance device

Synchronization and compliance of devices

Check the compliance and the latest synchronization of your devices.

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What else?

The first TinyMDM Partner Summit

partner summit tinymdm

TinyMDM recently held its first Partner Summit. The purpose of the event was to meet and strengthen relationships between the various partners present. It was an opportunity to better understand each other’s needs and challenges as well as to share knowledge and experience in terms of mobile device management. The Partner Summit was a real success!

MDM solutions: an effective response to the ban on recreational applications in the public sector

Governments in many countries are seeking to protect public sector workers from the risks associated with the use of recreational applications such as TikTok. In what ways can an MDM solution provide an effective response to bans on these applications and secure government business devices?

Why manage your mobile device fleet with an MDM?

Remote management of business devices has become an essential element for companies due to the evolution of technology and the growing trend of teleworking. The 5 key points in this infographic demonstrate the benefits of implementing an MDM solution within your organisation.

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