MDM for industry

The industry sector encompasses many different sectors of activity. These include agriculture and food processing, industrial production, car and building construction and many others. All of these areas, although very different from each other, have some things in common. As technology continues to advance, almost all of these companies use mobile devices. It is essential to manage and protect digital assets thanks to an MDM for industry.

mdm for industry

Companies perform regular maintenance on their equipment to keep it in optimal working condition. TinyMDM allows them to do this maintenance remotely, reducing travel and contributing to greater efficiency.

  • Remote control for real-time assistance
  • Control of the conformity of the equipment
  • OS update management
  • Battery health monitoring
mdm for industry

Ruggedized devices are the mainstay for unique tasks such as line work for example. TinyMDM provides a global view of the device fleet and the activities performed.

  • Kiosk mode: one or a few applications available
  • Google Play Protect: protection against malicious apps
  • Internet Filtering: anti phishing / anti malware
  • Physical tracking of the assets