One device, three management sets:

Full Device management, Work Profile management and Dedicated Device management.

Enterprises must manage a wide range of devices, including corporate-owned, employee-owned, and sometimes a mix of corporate-owned / personally-enabled devices. With all of these different levels of ownership and usage, businesses need to make sure business apps and data are safe on any device used for work, no matter who owns the device.

With TinyMDM, officially approved by Android EMM for three different management sets, IT administrator can manage all devices from one place: fully managed devices, work profiles, and dedicated devices (kiosk mode).

From the most restrictive to the most flexible


Devices can sometimes be needed to work in a very restricted mode: the dedicated device solution is made to lock down the usage to a single app (or small set of apps), and prevent users from enabling other apps or performing any other actions. Kiosk screens display only the apps that have been authorized.

This is the most appropriate solution for public facing environments (point of sales, museums, libraries, etc.) or employee facing scenarios (inventory management, ticket scanning, field service…).

kiosk mode


The Full Device Management set is ideal for corporate-owned devices intended for professional use only.

Enterprises can keep a complete control over which apps and data are allowed on the device: app management, internet filtering, security challenge, OS updates, Wi-Fi connections…¬†Creating a secure mobile workspace can require extra layers of security, which is why device-wide controls (such as a complete device wipe and reset to factory default settings) are also available on fully managed devices.

kiosk mode


Work profile management is intended for managing employee-owned devices (BYOD) and company-owned / personally enabled devices (COPE).

By creating a Work Profile, IT administrators can manage a secure container on the device, business dedicated, separately from personal data.

Professional apps, contacts, files and data are held in a stand-alone part of the device, and enterprises have no visibility nor access to user’s private data, whose privacy is respected.

work profile

What differences in terms of feature?


Apps management

Only for the work profile container

Passwords management

Only to access the work profile container

Data access

Only data from the work profile

Remote factory reset

Only work profile removal

Manage professional Wi-Fi networks

Share professional files and contacts

Send notifications / messages

Remote lock of the screen

Remote view / control

Remote reboot

Enable lock task mode (kiosk mode)

Android updates management

Internet filtering and history

Connectivity management (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC…)

Device geolocation

Access to brightness level and sleep mode delay

Prevent device’s use while driving