Customer Success Story: University of Münster

With more than 44,500 students, the University of Münster is one of the largest universities in Germany. At the Faculty of Medicine, as many as 3,000 enrolled students receive in-depth scientific and clinical training.

The examination regulations of the medical curricula demand an exact tracking of the students’ presence in most seminar meetings. Their custom ElAn system (“Elektronische Anwesenheitserfassung”, electronic attendance tracking) used to record the attendance by industrial barcode scanners. With the changeover to RFID cards, they needed a large number of uniformly set up Android smartphones to continue and improve the service.

The University of Münster needed an actually tiny solution with little administrative overhead – and TinyMDM met their requirements for a reasonable price.

  • Their primary requirement was an easy and uncomplicated setup process to enroll new devices.
  • Another aspect was to prevent both intentional and unintended setup changes by the lecturers using the smartphones.
  • Last but not least, one of their main goal was to avoid any training for the lecturers who scan the students’ cards; they must not perform any other activity with the smartphones except for the attendance tracking. Thanks to TinyMDM, employees setting up the devices do not need more than a short and clear installation guide.