Speed management feature

Let your staff go on the road with absolute peace of mind. With the speed management feature, the finger touch is disabled and interaction with the screen is no longer possible above a certain speed.

Device use while driving

According to road safety, 1 in 10 accidents in 2019 were related to the use of mobile phones while at the wheel. In the professional context, transporters, at the same time as driving, may be tempted to respond to an urgent request, connect to the internet, look for a delivery note… This practice worries 84% of companies with a fleet of vehicles, who see mobile devices at the wheel as a serious threat and have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their employees in the workplace.

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Driver safety

From your management console, you can set a maximum speed limit above which the tactile part of the device will no longer respond to touch. However, background applications, such as GPS, continue to function normally.

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