Secure all your corporate mobile devices and protect your sensitive business data.

security management

Password management

Enforce safe passwords on devices depending on security profiles: set the password type, size and timeout in order to improve the security in your organisation.

Remote lock / unlock

Instantly lock mobile device to protect your data in the event of theft or compromised device: this option will secure the terminal by forcing the user to enter the password to unlock it. You can also remove the password and remotely unlock the device so the end user can regain access to it if needed.

Remote wipe

Don’t put your confidential data at risk and choose to remotely wipe out the device if lost or stolen. In full management mode this feature will reset the device to factory settings. In work profile mode, it will delete only the business data from the device.

Block factory reset

Prevent any Factory Reset attempt from end-users: when enabled, this setting won’t be accessible and an admin code will be needed to reset the device.

FRP deactivation

With our Android devices management software, you can securely disable FRP on all devices from your admin dashboard, so users can skip the the Google account verification step after a factory reset.

Android MDM made simple and easy-to-use.

Keep complete control over your professional devices.
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