Some industries must deliver a high degree of performance when working on rugged devices, especially in harsh work environment (warehouse, logistics, transport, healthcare, etc). This type of devices is no longer built with outdated technology and limited capabilities: sunlight readable display, shatterproof, shock resistant, most of them now run on Android OS and need to be securely and completely managed to meet new enterprise challenges.

tablet in kiosk mode

App management

TinyMDM gives you the opportunity to manage public apps, but also to deploy your own business ones (APKs of in-house apps). End users won’t be able to use or see any unauthorized app.

Single or multi app lockdown

On field devices can sometimes be needed to work in a very restricted mode. By converting the device into a Kiosk, you can help users to stay productive and focus while completing their tasks. More info about Lock Task mode here.

Real time device tracking

The location tracking feature helps you determine and track the location of rugged devices in real-time, on an interactive map.

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