Rugged devices management

Discover TinyMDM for rugged smartphones and tablets

Some industries must deliver a high degree of performance when working on rugged devices, especially in harsh work environment (warehouse, logistics, transport, healthcare, etc). This type of devices is no longer built with outdated technology and limited capabilities: sunlight readable display, shatterproof, shock resistant, most of them now run on Android OS and need to be securely and completely managed to meet new enterprise challenges.

App management

Manage authorized applications, deploy private business apps (in-house apk) to transform devices into purpose-built equipment for employee facing scenarios like inventory management, ticket scanning, field service….

Tailor made policies

Deploy different security policies depending on the device: activate kiosk mode, manage wi-fi connections, password security, Internet filtering… Rugged devices are set up so that users can perform their tasks without having to worry about nothing else.

rugged device management

Real time device tracking

The location tracking feature helps you determine and track the location of rugged devices in real-time, on an interactive map.

Rugged devices certifications

We are partnering with several device manufacturers in order to make sure our solution is 100% compatible with rugged devices. TinyMDM is an expert in rugged devices management and has been certified by Athesi, Crosscall, Datalogic, Honeywell, Unitech and Zebra.




There is a growing usage of mobile devices in managing supply chains and keeping track of shipment. It’s essential to manage those devices in order to increase productivity, and reduce costs and potential data risks.


On field workers are more and more equipped with rugged phones and tablets, but they still need to access accurate business information in real time without having to go back to the office, or focus entirely on their task.


Mobile devices in healthcare have helped keeping up with patient’s medical history and improve the process of consultation, diagnosis and treatment. With TinyMDM, medical staff can focus on the patient only and not worry about the device itself.