Remote control and view your Android devices

This feature will enables you to support your teams in the field and achieve maximum operational efficiency thanks to the remote control.

remote control

Remote cast for all Android devices

With TinyMDM’s remote viewing feature, you can screen-share the device from your management console, so you have a full understanding of the situation, even from a distance. This feature is compatible with all devices, regardless of their brand or model. It is also included free of charge in our solution.

Remote control of devices

Go even further! Thanks to free plugins, you can view and take control of your devices remotely, as if you were holding them in your hands. This feature is compatible with devices from Samsung, Datalogic, Lenovo, Blackview, Crosscall, Unitech, Wiko, Honeywell, Athesi, Zebra and M3 Mobile. Find the complete list of compatible devices and associated plugins here.

Reduced downtime and support costs

With the remote cast functionality for Android tablets and smartphones, maintenance actions can be performed from a distance, downtime is reduced and support costs are drastically reduced thanks to our simple Android mdm software.

remote control android
remote control

End of remote visualization / control session

remote control

Copy / paste text from the device to the console

audio remote control

Audio discussion between the visualized device and the console

screenshot remote control

Take a screenshot of the device

display buttons

Back, home and recent app buttons displayed below the screen

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