TinyMDM July 28th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.8 (Android Version: 3.04694)

  • [New feature] Specific tab for WiFi Networks
  • [New feature] New information page on the device: serial number, possibility to restore the kiosk, possibility to reload the policy added
  • Minor bug fix: request for geolocation permission deleted in work profile
  • Minor bug fix: issue with duplicated devices
  • Minor bug fix: issue with advanced research after a sort
  • Minor bug fix: issue with managers’ permissions on the WiFi, groups, files and contacts tabs

TinyMDM July 5th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.7 (Android Version: 3.04691)

  • [New feature] Besides being able to visualize device’s main information on our dashboard (Android version, recently sync, pending OS update, etc.), you can also click on the part of the graph you are interested in to filter the view of your devices with the selected criteria. Please refer to help documentation here.
  • Minor bug fix: white screen on some devices after they reboot.
  • Minor bug fix: issues with Knox in Android 11.

TinyMDM June 28th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.6 (Android Version: 3.04690)

  • [New feature] Disable the settings to prevent end-users from accessing them with the physical buttons.
  • [New feature] Sort devices by which applications (and apps version) are installed .
  • Minor bug fix: deactivate the home button in kiosk mode on some devices.

TinyMDM June 26th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.5 (Android Version: 3.04689)

  • [New feature] In the security policy, remotely set the volume level of affected devices.
  • Minor bug fix: DNS issue when not activating DNS over TLS.

TinyMDM March 31st, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.4

  • Minor bug fix: apps installation.
  • Minor bug fix: files sharing.
  • Minor bug fix: user’s name modification.
  • Minor bug fix: portrait / landscape view of devices in remote control.

TinyMDM March 8th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.3

  • [New feature] New Groups tab: in this tab you can create groups and affect users to them. Please refer to help documentation here.
  • [New feature] Send a message to all devices from a specific group. Please refer to help documentation here.
  • Error message when trying to enroll a device on a user who doesn’t belong to any security policy.

TinyMDM February 24th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.2

  • [New feature] Install private apps without going through the Play Store (side-loaded apks). Please refer to help documentation here.

TinyMDM February 18th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.1

  • [New feature] Confidential kiosk sessions (enable data deletion at the end of the session). Please refer to help documentation here.
  • Changing the user’s name on the dashboard now changes it on the device as well.

TinyMDM February 11th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.0

  • When modifying the device’s password on the console: modification is done before the first unlocking.
  • Improvement of the remote view feature on Zebra devices