TinyMDM changelog

Keep track of all modifications and new features

TinyMDM May 23rd, 2023 Release Notes

Version 6.1 (Android Version: 3.04787, Console Version: 4.33)

  • [New feature]: possibility to modify the title of the ‘custom field’ that is displayed on the device’s screen
  • [New feature]: ability to clone managed configurations of applications when cloning a policy

TinyMDM May 10th, 2023 Release Notes

Version 6.0 (Android Version: 3.04786, Console Version: 4.32)

  • [New feature]: creation of the Managers Groups tab
  • [New feature]: adding the number of users selected when changing groups
  • [New feature]: 3-day geolocation history
  • [New feature]: adding a “build number” column in the devices export
  • Fix: if a file is imported into a folder other than “Download” on an Android 10 or higher version, the file is automatically redirected to “Download”

TinyMDM April 19th, 2023 Release Notes

Version 5.9 (Android Version: 3.04781, Console Version: 4.31)

  • [New feature]: send the “Someone logged in your web console” email only if it is via a new IP address, maximum once a day
  • [New feature]: add the “entity” column in the devices export
  • [New feature]: add APNs permissions for managers and add default rights to the Action logs and APNs tab for partners
  • [New feature]: add information on the devices compliance and synchronization. Learn more
  • [New feature]: improve browsing in the applications menu (Policies tab)

TinyMDM March 21st, 2023 Release Notes

Version 5.8 (Android Version: 3.04777, Console Version: 4.29)

  • [New feature]: get access to the history of enrolled devices by day and time
  • [New feature]: double authentication for all the managers
  • [New feature]: log of all actions made by API in the ‘Action Logs’ tab

TinyMDM February 23rd, 2023 Release Notes

Version 5.7 (Android Version: 3.04773, Console Version: 4.28)

  • [New feature]: Add managed configurations for TinyMDM Store apps
  • [New feature]: Change accounts without logging out for managers of multiple accounts
  • [New feature]: Creation of the tab “Action logs”
  • Fix: issues with the remote control on some Lenovo and Ulephone devices

TinyMDM February 2nd, 2023 Release Notes

Version 5.6 (Android Version: 3.04770, Console Version: 4.27)

  • [New feature]: Add groups of contacts
  • [New feature]: possibility to show all the applications available on the Play Store
  • [New feature]: ability to force enrollment with mobile data in the enrollment QR codes generated from the API
  • [New feature]: possibility to clear data of an application, from the API
  • Fix: installations of TinyMDM Store applications in work profile when one of the applications is not compatible

TinyMDM January 10th, 2023 Release Notes

Version 5.5 (Android Version: 3.04767, Console Version: 4.25)

  • [New feature]: APN configuration
  • [New feature]: automatic remote control of the compatible devices
  • [New feature]: selection of information on the wallpaper
  • [New feature]: addition of all information of a device in the CSV and JSON export
  • [New feature]: filtering of devices by compliance level
  • [New feature]: filtering of users according to the filter applied in the Devices tab
  • [New feature]: filtering of devices by build number and phone number (through the console and the API)
  • [New feature]: search within quotation marks to make an exact search
  • [New feature]: display of accounts associated with a manager at login: search, number of licenses and company name
  • [New feature]: export to CSV format of the list of shared contacts
  • [New feature]: filtering of users not related to a policy
  • [New feature]: display of the size of a private APK on TinyMDM Store
  • [New feature]: allow to delete the user linked to the device that is being reset
  • [New feature]: search by entities in the groups tab
  • [New feature]: show device ID in the TinyMDM Store notifications
  • Fix: the disapproval of an enterprise app when there are many policies
  • Fix: display of ICCID and phone number when changing SIM card
  • Fix: management of manager permissions

TinyMDM November 30th, 2022 Release Notes

Version 5.4 (Android Version: 3.04762, Console Version: 4.21)

  • [New feature]: management of alternative versions of private applications. Click here to learn more
  • [New feature]: ability to insert long text in the custom fields (users tab)
  • [New feature]: see the build number of a device, from the console and the API
  • [New feature]: disable the permission pop-up to start a remote control session
  • Fix: issue on searching a device by application name with the “and” operator

TinyMDM November 7th, 2022 Release Notes

Version 5.3 (Android Version: 3.04761, Console Version: 4.20)

  • [New feature]: ability to modify the subject of the message sent to the devices, by API
  • [New feature]: ability to get complete information related to a particular user using its email address, by API

TinyMDM October 26th, 2022 Release Notes

Version 5.2 (Android Version: 3.04759, Console Version: 4.19)

  • [New feature]: allow filtering with multiple values by API
  • [New feature]: allow advanced researches of the lists by API
  • Minor fix: setting up wallpapers at the enrollment or when a policy is reloaded

TinyMDM September 27th, 2022 Release Notes

Version 5.1 (Android Version: 3.04757, Console Version: 4.18)

  • [New feature]: Adding a button to reload the policy
  • [New feature]: Adjust the sensitivity of the “shake to exit” kiosk feature
  • [New feature]: New filter to see devices between 25-50% battery and over 50% battery
  • Minor fix: Error message when adding a policy after user account modification
  • Minor fix: After banning an application by its package name, it is not always possible to install it once unbanned.
  • Minor fix: Looping download of applications.
  • Minor fix: Device name change.
  • Minor fix: policy accessible to a manager if no user/group is attached to it.

TinyMDM August 18th, 2022 Release Notes

Version 5.0 (Android Version: 3.04753, Console Version: 4.16)

  • [New feature]: Ability to clone policy to other managed accounts from a master account
  • Minor fix: Add backslash management in user custom fields (for tokens).
  • Minor fix: Enrollment under KME with a user name.
  • Minor fix: Enrollment token prefix.
  • Minor fix: Enrollment with hidden Wi-Fi
  • Minor fix: Groups as advanced search criteria in devices
  • Minor fix: Paused download for some files

TinyMDM July 18th, 2022 Release Notes

Version 4.9 (Android Version: 3.04749, Console Version: 4.15)

  • [New feature]: Editing users via API.
  • [New feature]: Filter devices that have an Android update pending via API.

TinyMDM June 22th, 2022 Release Notes

Version 4.8 (Android Version: 3.04749, Console Version: 4.14)

  • [New feature]: Geolocation management by security policy and ability to temporarily retrieve a location even if geolocation is disabled on the policy.
  • [New feature]: Adding CA certificates to devices from the console. Read more.
  • [New feature]: Ability to change the title of messages sent to devices from the console.
  • [New feature]: Management of apk publishing by API.
  • [New feature]: Add a filter on the “Devices” API by application / version pair.
  • [New feature]: Recovering the version number of applications by API.
  • [New feature]: Management of shared files by API.
  • [New feature]: Sorting geolocation points from newest to oldest on the API.
  • Minor bug fix: message displayed when no device is visible in the console from the device tab
  • Minor bug fix: be able to launch a remote view when the manager does not have access to the policy as an entity
  • Minor bug fix: swipe disabled in single application kiosk and on reboot
  • Minor bug fix: add files with ellipsis in Android 10
  • Minor bug fix: “selected all” apps not selecting system apps
  • Minor bug fix: default app can be set in kiosk while in single app kiosk mode

TinyMDM May 24th, 2022 Release Notes

Version 4.7 (Android Version: 3.04748, Console Version: 4.13)

  • [New feature]: Set brightness level to “Use automatic brightness (light adaptive)”
  • [New feature]: Add several Wi-Fi networks with the same SSID
  • Minor bug fix: closing confidential sessions in kiosk mode
  • Minor bug fix: language of applications’ permissions

TinyMDM May 16th, 2022 Release Notes

Version 4.6 (Android Version: 3.04747, Console Version: 4.12)

  • [New feature]: TinyMDM Store. Learn More.
  • [New feature]: System applications management. Learn More.

TinyMDM May 4th, 2022 Release Notes

Version 4.5 (Android Version: 3.04743, Console Version: 4.11)

  • [New feature]: adding $tokens$ for the users’ configuration fields in EAP Wi-Fi networks
  • [New feature]: adding the possibility to add an application as a VPN, to redirect all traffic through its secure connection. Learn more.
  • [New feature]: turn on Samsung devices automatically when they are connected to power
  • Minor bug fix: Keep search filters & repair group search
  • Minor bug fix: On the multi-enrollment page with the low-resolution QR code, removal of the “add a pre-configured network” checkbox
  • Minor bug fix: Chrome is correctly removed from the list of system packages at uninstallation, and is only added at installation.
  • Minor bug fix: Fix app filtering/sorting/searching/pagination in security policy
  • Minor bug fix: Fix duplicated contacts
  • Minor bug fix: Android wizard did not finish on some devices enrolled in kiosk mode
  • Minor bug fix: Prevent some Samsung devices to boot in Safe Mode

TinyMDM April 1st, 2022 Release Notes

Version 4.4 (Android Version: 3.04734, Console Version: 4.08)

  • [New feature]: ability to send attachments in support tickets
  • [New feature]: possibility to empty the data of an application
  • [New feature]: possibility to copy the package name of an application
  • [New feature]: possibility to choose an application that opens by default in kiosk mode (when exiting sleep mode and after rebooting)
  • [New feature]: added a QR code to reset devices in bulk
  • Improvement of the QR code scanner integrated in the TinyMDM wizard (enrolment with the afw code)
  • Minor bug fix: password change and reset works for newly enrolled devices
  • Minor bug fix: dissociate two fields in the console, to prevent uninstallation and clean cache
  • Minor bug fix: multiple enrollment with simplified QR code
  • Minor bug fix: cloning of security policy that did not take all settings
  • Minor bug fix: graphical bug on add user and change app password windows
  • Minor bug fix: scroll was not well kept when approving / disapproving an application
  • Minor bug fix: redirection links in the console were not always accurate when searching with spaces

TinyMDM March 7th, 2022 Release Notes

Version 4.3 (Android Version: 3.04732, Console Version: 4.06)

  • [New feature]: disable driving lock during a remote control session
  • [New feature]: possibility to add an email account for the FRP (more info)
  • [New feature]: added password history
  • [New feature]: added maximum number of wrong password before resetting the device
  • [New feature]: possibility to put / remove the kiosk from the “Devices” menu of the console
  • [New feature]: possibility to disable the “swipe up” lock
  • [New feature]: modification of the geolocation notification behavior
  • [New feature]: added sorting of devices by last sync date
  • [New feature]: added multiple selection for app approval / disapproval
  • [New feature]: possibility to make an anonymous user not anonymous by adding an email address
  • Minor bug fix: possibility to do remote viewing on Android GO (without the pointer)
  • Minor bug fix: application installation was not installing at first launch on some devices
  • Minor bug fix: update mode was not applied at first launch
  • Minor bug fix: problem when banning Play Store packages
  • Minor bug fix: multiple enrollment creating multiple users without devices
  • Minor bug fix: kiosk mode issue with mandatory password when enrolling
  • Minor bug fix: geolocation improvement
  • Minor bug fix: multiple selection menu not displayed for contacts and policies

TinyMDM February 1st, 2022 Release Notes

Version 4.2 (Android Version: 3.04727)

  • Minor bug fix: enrollment issue

TinyMDM January 20th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 4.1 (Android Version: 3.04721)

  • [New feature]: new display of device info
  • [New feature]: added connection information (ip and mac) in the device
  • [New feature]: added device policy compliance information
  • [New feature]: ability to put shortcuts to shared files on the desktop in kiosk mode
  • [New feature]: ability to hide “security policy changed” notification on devices
  • Minor bug fix: fixed compatibility issues at enrollment with Android 12
  • Minor bug fix: fix right managers (user modification)

TinyMDM December 24th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 4.0 (Android Version: 3.04719)

  • [New feature]: API: Filter devices by user ID
  • [New feature]: API: Filter users by name

TinyMDM December 14th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 3.9 (Android Version: 3.04719)

  • [New feature]: API: add update function in contact endpoint
  • Minor bug fix: geolocation / max speed issues
  • Minor bug fix: timezone bug (GMT +4/-4)
  • Minor bug fix: multiple enrollment issues
  • Minor bug fix: in multiple enrollment, maximum number of devices reached even though one license is available

TinyMDM December 1st, 2021 Release Notes

Version 3.8 (Android Version: 3.04717)

  • [New feature]: API: add refresh function in device endpoint
  • [New feature]: API: add geolocation_positions in device property

TinyMDM November 26th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 3.7 (Android Version: 3.04716)

  • Minor bug fix: multiple enrollment creates multiple users in some cases
  • Minor bug fix: the addition of wallpaper crashes on some devices when the wallpaper is transparent
  • Minor bug fix: the modification of permissions is not working
  • Minor bug fix: the open kiosk restarted after the sleep mode

TinyMDM November 18th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 3.6 (Android Version: 3.04715)

  • Minor bug fix: loading the wallpaper (wallpaper was cut)
  • Minor bug fix: back to the default wallpaper once the policy was applied
  • Minor bug fix: the password policy didn’t work on some specific cases
  • Minor bug fix: on Android 7/8, the kiosk mode could prevent the PIN code of the SIM card to be entered
  • Minor bug fix: IMEI might not be in the right order
  • Minor bug fix: floating home button in kiosk mode was not visible on some devices

TinyMDM November 2nd, 2021 Release Notes

Version 3.5 (Android Version: 3.04711)

  • Minor bug fix: localisation on Android 11
  • Minor bug fix: the settings close when a new policy is applied

TinyMDM October 20th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 3.4 (Android Version: 3.04708)

  • [New feature]: battery information added
  • Minor bug fix: restart of open kiosk on policy change
  • Minor bug fix: impossible to enter pin code in kiosk on Android 7
  • Minor bug fix: impossible to install applications by apk on some devices

TinyMDM October 7th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 3.3 (Android Version: 3.04706)

  • [New feature]: timezone modification
  • [New feature]: language modification
  • Minor bug fix: launch of the kiosk at the boot, on Nokia devices
  • Minor bug fix: QR code generation (in some cases, the QR code might not be generated on the console)

TinyMDM September 28rd, 2021 Release Notes

Version 3.2 (Android Version: 3.04704)

  • Minor bug fix: maximum speed is not taken into account

TinyMDM September 23rd, 2021 Release Notes

Version 3.1 (Android Version: 3.04703)

  • Minor bug fix: gather serial number through an intent

TinyMDM September 13th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 3.0 (Android Version: 3.04701)

  • Minor bug fix: geolocation logs added
  • Minor bug fix: load policy stop when open vpn
  • Minor bug fix: wrong serial number Samsung
  • Minor bug fix: knox licence disabled, never enabled again

TinyMDM August 20th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.9 (Android Version: 3.04698)

  • [New feature] open kiosk mode
  • [New feature] display of the original Android status bar in kiosk mode
  • [New feature] add device nickname on kiosk / wallpaper
  • Minor bug fix: loading screen displayed when the kiosk was launched on some devices
  • Minor bug fix: split screen in Android 11
  • Minor bug fix: refresh user name in wallpaper

TinyMDM July 28th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.8 (Android Version: 3.04694)

  • [New feature] Specific tab for WiFi Networks
  • [New feature] New information page on the device: serial number, possibility to restore the kiosk, possibility to reload the policy added
  • Minor bug fix: request for geolocation permission deleted in work profile
  • Minor bug fix: issue with duplicated devices
  • Minor bug fix: issue with advanced research after a creating a filtered view
  • Minor bug fix: issue with managers’ permissions on the WiFi, groups, files and contacts tabs

TinyMDM July 5th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.7 (Android Version: 3.04691)

  • [New feature] Besides being able to visualize device’s main information on our dashboard (Android version, recently sync, pending OS update, etc.), you can also click on the part of the graph you are interested in to filter the view of your devices with the selected criteria. Please refer to help documentation here.
  • Minor bug fix: white screen on some devices after they reboot.
  • Minor bug fix: issues with Knox in Android 11.

TinyMDM June 28th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.6 (Android Version: 3.04690)

  • [New feature] Disable the settings to prevent end-users from accessing them with the physical buttons.
  • [New feature] Sort devices by which applications (and apps version) are installed .
  • Minor bug fix: deactivate the home button in kiosk mode on some devices.

TinyMDM June 26th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.5 (Android Version: 3.04689)

  • [New feature] In the security policy, remotely set the volume level of affected devices.
  • Minor bug fix: DNS issue when not activating DNS over TLS.

TinyMDM March 31st, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.4

  • Minor bug fix: apps installation.
  • Minor bug fix: files sharing.
  • Minor bug fix: user’s name modification.
  • Minor bug fix: portrait / landscape view of devices in remote control.

TinyMDM March 8th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.3

  • [New feature] New Groups tab: in this tab you can create groups and affect users to them. Please refer to help documentation here.
  • [New feature] Send a message to all devices from a specific group. Please refer to help documentation here.
  • Error message when trying to enroll a device on a user who doesn’t belong to any security policy.

TinyMDM February 24th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.2

  • [New feature] Install private apps without going through the Play Store (side-loaded apks). Please refer to help documentation here.

TinyMDM February 18th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.1

  • [New feature] Confidential kiosk sessions (enable data deletion at the end of the session). Please refer to help documentation here.
  • Changing the user’s name on the dashboard now changes it on the device as well.

TinyMDM February 11th, 2021 Release Notes

Version 2.0

  • When modifying the device’s password on the console: modification is done before the first unlocking.
  • Improvement of the remote view feature on Zebra devices