Discover TinyMDM pricing plans in EUR after a 30-day free trial

For large deployments or organizations eligible for discounts (healthcare, NGOs), discounts are offered. In any case, request a custom quote here and receive it within the day.

TinyMDM pricing plans Dashboard
Different Android and TinyMDM versions
Different devices manufacturers and models
Recent synchronization
Pending or up to date Android update
Device battery information
Device compliance visualization
TinyMDM pricing plans Apps Management
Manage public, web and private apps
Deploy sideloaded applications
Remote install / uninstall
App updates management
Permissions management
App managed configurations
TinyMDM pricing plans Security Compliance
Passwords Reinforcement
Disable fingerprint and face recognition
Passwords History
Remote lock / unlock screen
Remote password change
Remote wipe all data
Android OS update management
Google FRP configuration
Disable USB files access
Disable debugging mode
CA Certificates management
TinyMDM pricing plans Kiosk Mode
Multi apps lockdown
Single app kiosk with auto launch
Opened kiosk mode with access to settings
Restrictive kiosk with all settings locked
Custom background
Hide installed apps
Protect apps with passwords
Files shortcuts on home screen
“Shake & Quit” to exit kiosk (with admin code)
TinyMDM pricing plans work profile
Secure container for work data
Remote wipe of work profile
Dedicated business Play Store
Passwords reinforcement to access work data
CA certificates Management
Work files management
Work contacts management
TinyMDM pricing plans remote control
Remote view / cast on all Android models
Remote control of many Android manufacturers
Audio discussion during remote session
Take remote screenshots during session
TinyMDM pricing plans files Sync
Files sharing (documents, videos, photos…)
Contacts sync
Distribute contacts and files depending on the policy
TinyMDM pricing plans physical tracking
Instant location of devices on a map
History of positions (3 days)
TinyMDM pricing plans connectivity settings
Wi-Fi networks management (standards / EAP)
Mobile Data Usage per device
Block Bluetooth
Block airplane mode
Block hotspot
Block mobile data
Block roaming
Block NFC
TinyMDM pricing plans internet filtering
4 levels of filtering: malware and fishing, NSFW..
Whitelist / blacklist of websites
Visited websites history (last 30 days)
TinyMDM pricing plans device control
Prevent adding or removing Google accounts
Prevent factory reset
Standby time and brightness management
Device language, timezone & volume management
Disable screen capture of devices
Disable the use of devices while driving on the road
TinyMDM pricing plans enrollment methods
QR code enrollment
6 tap enrollment
Email enrollment
Enrollment in a row
Android for work (afw#)
Android Zero Touch (ZTE)
Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)