Why is it essential for SMBs to build an efficient Mobile Device Management strategy?

With the implementation of mobile devices in the workplace, MDM solutions are becoming absolutely critical. Whether they provide mobile devices to their employees or not, many organizations are moving towards a more mobile workforce. This trend has enabled businesses to deliver services in a more efficient and a faster way to customers, improving workforce productivity. But it also comes with more than one downside, hence it is essential to build a mobile device management strategy, no matter the size of the company.

BYOD & MDM: a controversial mix-up, two indissociable concepts.

It is important here to understand all the dimensions of BYOD, and to differentiate BYOD from MDM. These two concepts often give way to an amalgam that prevents the implementation of a well-defined policy of use. In this white paper we will unravel these two notions to better understand how they are inextricably linked.