TinyMDM Newsletter – October, 2022


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In this month of October, discover the latest news on which the TinyMDM team worked!

Reloading of policies

Reloading of policies

Ensure devices have received the latest changes by reloading policies with a single click across your fleet.

"Shake and Quit" sensitivity

“Shake and Quit” sensitivity

As some devices are more sensitive than others, this allows to adjust the sensitivity with which the “exit kiosk” page appears.

Filter devices by battery levels

Filter devices by battery levels

Filter the devices with a battery between 25 and 50%, and those with a battery above 50%.

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Our presence at the Samsung EU B2B Technical Summit in Warsaw on November 9, 2022

samsung summit newsletter octobre 2022

As a Samsung partner, TinyMDM was invited by the manufacturer to talk about its MDM solution and new features related to Samsung.

TinyMDM patented internet filtering

infographic newsletter octobre 2022

How well do you know our internet filtering solution?