TinyMDM Newsletter – October, 2021


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Language management

On Samsung devices, you can now remotely change the language.

Timezone management

From the policy tab, it is now possible to modify the devices’ timezone.

Android status bar

In kiosk mode, the Android status bar is visible (battery and network status…)

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[Warning] A feature will no longer be available

The feature enabling to push configuration files to an application via our shared files tab will not be available anymore from the end of October. Indeed, Android will block this feature on devices from Android 11 onwards, and it will no longer be possible for us to offer this possibility.
You will find more information by following this link. If you have any questions, please answer this email.

[WEBINAR] 20th of October @ 4pm (GMT +2)

10 tips on how to maximise your use of TinyMDM


On the agenda:

  • How to install and update an APK?
  • How to enroll a device?
  • The different kiosks: classic, open, single application?
  • How to create automatic updates?
  • How to preconfigure an email account?

[ARTICLE] BYOD benefits, from entreprises and employees points of view


BYOD means “Bring Your Own Device”. It is the practice of letting employees use their own smartphones or tablets to access business data. According to a 2021’s Qualtrics study, out of 300 employees, 68% used this working method. […]