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Kiosk mode: remote disabling

Kiosk mode: remote disabling

Disable or restore the kiosk mode on a device remotely without user intervention.

Device passwords: security increase

Device passwords: security increase

Set up a password history and a maximum number of incorrect entries.

FRP protection: add a Google account

FRP protection: add a Google account

Enter a Google Account to be able to use the device after a factory reset. 

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An emergency shelter provides managed mobile devices to its guests

emergency shelter

Not all guests have their own computer equipment and they are obliged to borrow equipment that other guests will then use. This raises a question about the confidentiality of the use of the hardware: their browsing history, the applications they use, etc. […]

Improving retail sales with managed tablets

retail sales with managed tablets

To keep appealing customers in-store and to compete with digital pure players as Amazon, it is important to digitize its points of sale, and doing so, to keep a full control over used tools. But how to digitize them? […]

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