TinyMDM newsletter – June, 24

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This June, TinyMDM is going all out to bring you new features and exciting news!

Import shared contacts from Microsoft Azure

Thanks to this new integration, you can save time by importing your Microsoft Azure contacts in just one click from the Shared contacts tab.

Managers login with a Google account

When you create new managers in your admin console, you can decide whether they log in with their Google account or with a password.

Possibility of keeping applications data at the end of a session

The kiosk mode session feature now lets you keep data from certain applications even after they have been closed.

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Implementing an MDM solution within your company: a worthwhile investment

Mobile devices improve the performance of field teams by providing instant access to information, improved communication and collaboration, and task optimization through dedicated applications. They also reduce operational costs for businesses. However, to maximize these benefits, effective management via MDM solutions like TinyMDM is essential, enabling remote configuration, data security and application management of the devices used by employees.

White paper: MDM in kiosk mode, security and productivity for organizations

Mobile devices are increasingly used by employees in the workplace, which can create security and productivity challenges for organizations.

This white paper explains how the kiosk mode of MDM solutions can address these challenges by restricting access to authorised applications and limiting distractions.