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Features: what's new?


Add and share
CA certificate

From TinyMDM, add security certificate to validate the identity of an entity and links it to cryptographic keys.


Modify the title
of your messages

You can send messages to different managed devices via TinyMDM and customize the title of the message sent.


APK management
by API

You can now manage the publication of your private applications, directly through the TinyMDM API.

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What else?

Why is it important to manage and secure your mobile device fleet remotely ?


Providing schools with digital tablets is becoming a new priority. In order to avoid any risk of mobiles’ misuses and to allow a simplified and centralized management, the implementation of a MDM software is required.

TinyMDM is now on Twitter


For the one reading IT news on Twitter, you can now find the news of our software under the profile @TinyMDM .

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