Newsletter - July, 22




It’s summer, but we didn’t forget you! If you are not yet on holiday, comfort yourself by discovering the latest TinyMDM advances:

What's new?

Adaptive brightness of devices

Adaptive brightness
of devices

Starting with Android 9, you can choose to use automatic (light-adaptive) brightness.

Advanced search has developed

Advanced search
has developed

With the new "include/exclude" feature, your search is far more precise.

New features on the API side

New features
on the API side

Manage your shared files and edit your users directly through the TinyMDM API.

Keep track of all new features thanks to our release notes.
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What else?

Can my employer access my personal data if an MDM manages my smartphone?

Many employees do not trust their company’s MDM solution because they are concerned about the privacy of their data and control of their personal devices. So what rights does my employer have? Can they use an MDM to manage my personal device? What about the GDPR?

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