TinyMDM Newsletter – July, 2021


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Interactive dashboard

Interactive dashboard

In one click, find the devices concerned by the information displayed on the graphs.

Remote control Athesi - Datalogic

Remote control Athesi – Datalogic

The remote control feature is now also available on Athesi and Datalogic devices.

TinyMDM's API updated

TinyMDM’s API updated

Manage your contacts, managers, send messages, or view your company info.

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[Article] Improve working methods in the catering sector

catering sector

Fortunately for the employees, many tools exist, such as mobile devices, and can be set up to simplify working methods for them. They are very useful to improve restaurators productivity and increase customer satisfaction. […]

[Update] TinyMDM changelog

TinyMDM changelog

There is a new page on the website, to stay up to date on all updates of TinyMDM: new features released and minor bugs resolved.