Newsletter – February, 24

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In this month of February, we are delighted to present to you the latest developments in our solution. Between features releases and exclusive news, we have worked with passion to make your experience with TinyMDM even more enriching!

Depreciation of the feature to update Play Store Managed applications

The update of Managed Play Store public applications is now simplified. By setting an update mode, it will be applied universally to all your apps: always, always when Wi-Fi, never, or chosen by user.*

*This modification is the result of changes made by Google to the management of application updates. As a result, it will no longer be possible to directly trigger application updates via policies, as they will now be entirely managed by Google.

Synchronization of users with Microsoft Entra ID

The integration of Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) allows administrators to synchronize their Microsoft Entra ID users with TinyMDM by clicking the dedicated button in the Users and Groups tab.

Display of “child” entities in the entity search

When performing an advanced search by entity, you can now display users, groups, or managers linked to child entities (or sub-entities).

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VPNs, essential tools for business data security


VPNs offer enhanced data security by using an encrypted tunnel, thereby protecting against threats such as data interception and man-in-the-middle attacks. They facilitate secure remote access to internal resources, suitable for geographically dispersed teams. In response to the rise of cyberattacks, VPNs provide encrypted communication to prevent common attacks. Additionally, they ensure the confidentiality of communications by encrypting data exchanges. But what are the most widely used Android VPNs with a managed configuration? Which VPNs include the ‘always-on’ permission?

TinyMDM will be at Mobile World Congress from 26 to 29 February

The Mobile World Congress is one of the world’s biggest events dedicated to the mobile industry and related technologies. Held annually in Barcelona, it brings together major players in the telecoms industry, including smartphone manufacturers, service providers, technology companies and industry professionals. Once again this year, TinyMDM will be present. Come and meet us on our booth 5B41 in Hall 5!

Webinar- What’s new in 2024 and looking back at 2023

webinar tinymdm

What did you miss?

– Looking back at 2023: creation of TinyMDM Store app versions, creation of floating widgets in kiosk mode, 3-day geolocation history, etc. 

– Roadmap for 2024: visualization of data consumption by application, creation of a work profile on a fully managed device, etc.

– Q&A session