TinyMDM Newsletter – December, 2022

Let’s go back in time…

Dear customer, partner or mobility expert, we’re glad our paths crossed this year. As we look forward to the holidays, let’s take a look at the features that saw the light in 2022:

Kiosk mode

Files shortcuts, remote disabling, default application, “Shake and Quit” sensitivity

Connection info displayed

On the device’s identity card, take a look at the MAC and IP adresses.

Sending messages

Send messages to different managed devices via TinyMDM and customize the title of the message.

System apps

System applications can be approved and installed from the policies on the managed devices.


Management of APKs and shared files, user modifications, message settings…


Device compliance with a policy, reloading policies or even cloning for partners


Password history, maximum number of incorrect entries, removing data from an app…

Tinymdm store

Install and update all private applications (apk), without going through the Google Play Store.

CA certificate

Add security certificate to validate the identity of an entity and links it to cryptographic keys.

Advanced search and filtering

New “include/exclude” search function, filtering of devices according to battery information

Anything else?

SMCL 2022

Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales in Paris

Samsung EU B2B

Samsung EU B2B Technical Summit in Warsaw

education sector

Deploying digital tablets in schools

retail sales

Improving retail sales with managed tablets

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