TinyMDM Newsletter – December, 2021

Take a trip back in time…

Dear customer, partner, or mobility expert, we’re glad our paths crossed this year. As we look forward to the holidays, let’s take a trip down memory lane to remember all the features that saw the light in 2021:

Global visualization: Android & TinyMDM version, device model, pending OS update, battery level…

With this option in kiosk mode, all data is deleted at the end of each session.

Create the company’s structure and link managers to specific entities

Management of enrolled devices using HTTP requests

Management of device’s language, timezone, volume…

On Athesi, Crosscall, Datalogic, Honeywell, Lenovo, Samsung, Unitech, Wiko and Zebra devices

You can load apps bypassing the managed Play Store

Send messages to a specific device, policy, group or to all the devices

Kiosk mode with an access to the Android status bar, widgets and settings

Percentage of battery, its charging status and its condition

Anything else?

Discover the other news that happened this year: