Having multiple managers to supervise devices with TinyMDM can enhance the overall device management process

It enables delegation, departmental control, enhanced security, scalability, and improved collaboration, ultimately contributing to effective and streamlined mobile device management within your organization.

With multiple managers to supervise devices, you can distribute responsibilities among different individuals or teams within your organization. This allows for a more efficient and streamlined workflow, as managers can focus on specific areas or departments that they are responsible for. Each manager can handle tasks related to their designated devices, such as configurations, application management, or security policies.

Multiple managers can collaborate and communicate effectively within the TinyMDM platform. They can share insights, best practices, and coordinate efforts to optimize device management strategies. This collaborative approach fosters teamwork and promotes knowledge sharing, leading to better outcomes for device management across the organization.

Multiple managers

Group of managers

By assigning managers based on departments or specific device groups, you can ensure that the people with the most relevant knowledge and expertise are overseeing the devices. Different departments often have unique requirements and configurations, and having dedicated managers for each department enables them to tailor device management strategies to their specific needs.

Enhanced Security

By dividing device management responsibilities among multiple managers, you can implement an additional layer of security. Each manager can enforce security policies and monitor compliance within their respective device groups. This decentralized approach allows for greater control over security measures and reduces the risk of unauthorized access or breaches.

With TinyMDM it’s also possible to activate the Two Factor Authentication for managers. The main type of identification remains their email and password, but it is reinforced by a second authentication with the Google Authenticator application. This second type of identification adds an extra layer of security: if two-step authentication is enabled, managers will need to use this information every time they log in.

Detailed Action Logs

The TinyMDM action logs keeps track of all activities and operations performed by the various managers on mobile devices from the console and API. It records all changes related to these devices such as application installations or uninstallations, data deletions or device resets, message sending etc.

This feature is essential for the efficient management of digital tools. It provides an overview of all activities and allows the various managers to track the history of changes made. This allows any errors or anomalies to be identified and problems to be resolved more quickly.

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