Mobile device management solution for education

Discover how to remotely manage the tablets and smartphones used at school

Schools are now fully integrating mobile devices into their classrooms and curriculum: educational programs, digital pedagogies, learning simulations and games…

Tech has transformed classrooms and teachers are praising those new educational tools. But schools need to manage and secure them to prevent misuse of tablets and smartphones and offer unique learning opportunities.

Simple and centralized

Setup different user groups and affiliate them to tailor-made policies, choose which apps are allowed depending on the grade, the classroom etc. TinyMDM lets you manage all Android mobile devices from one single dashboard, making the process simple and intuitive.

Setup a level of internet filtering on all browsers: whitelist / blacklist, web applications, filtering inappropriate websites …

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Limit devices to a dedicated application or a small set of apps: perfect for free-accessible devices in classrooms (educational app, online training course…). By enabling the Kiosk mode, students won’t be able to access anything else, not even the home screen and task bar in the event of a single app lock-down.

Private apps

Deploy your own private educational apps or web apps on some devices without going on the Play Store.

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