In one click, send messages to the entire mobile fleet managed by TinyMDM.

TinyMDM's Messaging feature empowers organizations to foster efficient communication and collaboration with employees while ensuring data security and control.


Full screen display

With the Send a message feature of TinyMDM, send an instant text to one or multiple devices, by clicking on . A pop-up showing the message will be displayed in full-screen, on the device.

Message customisation

You can customise the message as much as you like: you can change the title, the body and even add clickable links.

Available in the notifications bar

The user has to click on OK to remove the message from the screen, and confirm he read it. Once the pop-up disappear, the message stay visible in the notifications bar.

To go further:

This feature will soon be improved: users will be able to answer to the admin via a corporate messaging system.

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