MDM within your organization:
Corporate Charter and User Guide

White paper

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) refers to the administration of mobile devices in the enterprise, typically via a third-party solution that provides management capabilities. An MDM solution allows the remote and centralized management of the entire fleet of terminals made available within the company. Administrators or IT teams have control over the management of available applications, password enforcement, deployment of documents and business contacts…

✔ CHAPTER 1: SCENARIO A – “I use my personal mobile device for business purposes (such as accessing my work data)”.
✔ CHAPTER 2: SCENARIO B – “My company provides me with mobile devices for work-related assignments.”

About TinyMDM

TinyMDM, official Android EMM partner, is specialized in Android Mobile Device Management and offers a centralized and intuitive management solution of all Android devices within an organization. Its cost-efficiency and simplicity to set up and use make it accessible to businesses with no particular IT knowledge nor enough time / budget to elaborate a complex MDM strategy.

With TinyMDM, you can choose between a wide range of management options: creation of a work profile on personally owned or personally enabled devices (BYOD or COPE), creation of a fully managed profile on corporate owned devices (COBO), creation of a Kiosk mode (COSU setup – Corporate Owned Single Use).