MDM beyond smartphones and tablets: extending management to rugged terminals

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are widely used to centrally manage and secure mobile devices in professional environments. Typically, these software solutions are primarily used on smartphones or tablets. However, the landscape of mobile terminals has diversified with the rise of scanners, PDAs, and rugged terminals. Therefore, it’s important to include these types of devices, essential in certain sectors, in your fleet of mobile devices to manage.

Rugged terminals offer a series of significant advantages in the professional environment.

Unlike conventional smartphones and tablets, rugged mobile devices are specially designed to withstand harsh environments. Their robust construction enables them to withstand shocks, vibrations, and extreme weather conditions (rain, wind, snow), ensuring optimal functioning perfectly suited for many industries.

Additionally, these devices often feature long-lasting batteries, allowing for extended use in the field without frequent recharges. Their hardware features, such as integrated barcode readers, are real assets compared to conventional tablets or smartphones.

The design of these mobile devices is optimized for intuitive and efficient use, allowing users to increase productivity in the field. This translates into improved team performance, enabling them to carry out tasks effectively and without interruption.

Rugged PDAs and tablets are also often designed to be repairable, durable, and sometimes even recyclable, making them a profitable long-term investment for businesses.

Rugged mobile terminals are used in various industries.

In the logistics sector, scanners play a crucial role in warehouses and distribution centers, where they are used for inventory purposes, for example. Similarly, in manufacturing environments, employees rely on rugged devices to monitor production stages, collect data on processes, control quality, and manage raw material and finished product stocks.

rugged devices

For transporters, these devices enable parcel and delivery tracking. Transporters can use PDAs to collect customer signatures, manage cash on delivery payments, and even perform administrative tasks such as generating activity reports and communicating with the distribution center. These tools enable them to work in a more organized and efficient manner, ensuring precise traceability of goods and providing real-time data on delivery status.

In the healthcare sector, scanners and rugged terminals are used to improve process efficiency and quality of care. Healthcare professionals can use these devices to electronically track patient medical records, accurately administer medications through barcode scanning, and manage medical supply stocks to avoid shortages or excesses. Additionally, these devices enable real-time clinical data collection, facilitating patient monitoring, medical decision-making, and improving care protocols. By integrating scanners, smartphones, and rugged tablets into workflow processes, healthcare facilities can improve operational efficiency, reduce medical errors, and ensure a better experience for patients.

MDM solutions offer a range of essential features to ensure secure and efficient use of these rugged devices.

Companies can implement kiosk mode, ensuring that devices are only used for designated professional tasks. This management mode grants access only to necessary work applications and documents while blocking access to non-essential settings. It enhances security and productivity by limiting distractions and protecting sensitive data.

Device geolocation is an important feature for tracking mobile devices in real time and responding quickly if a device is lost or stolen.

Remote control for real-time assistance allows technical support teams to take remote control of devices to diagnose and resolve issues quickly. This feature reduces downtime and improves operational efficiency. 

Finally, remote installation of applications, sharing of work documents and professional contact distribution to the fleet facilitate the management and distribution of resources necessary for users at their workplaces. This ensures that employees always have the tools and information they need to perform their tasks effectively, wherever they are.

In conclusion, rugged terminals play an essential role in various industries, offering a combination of durability, performance, and features suited to specific tasks. For effective management of these devices, an MDM solution such as TinyMDM will meet all your needs.