State and local governments, Town Halls, Healthcare administrations are under more and more pressure to streamline services and deliver better results.

TinyMDM offers tailor-made solutions to public administrations and local authorities. They usually have stricter rules and requirements when it comes to mobile devices, and we answer perfectly their needs: improve their operational efficiency, enhance their performance and provide them with effective technology.

Government & local authorities

Local authorities equip their employees with smartphones to securely access work data, tasks, emails and dedicated applications while on the move, but they also have stricter regulations: due diligence needs to be placed on security.

  • Security compliance: safe passwords and work profiles, Wi-Fi restrictions…
  • Secure app management: apps white/blacklist, private app deployment…
  • Physical tracking to keep an eye on the fleet at any time
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Mobile devices in healthcare have helped keeping up with patient’s medical history and improve the process of consultation, diagnosis and treatment. With TinyMDM, medical staff can focus on the patient only and not worry about the device itself.

  • Single or multi healthcare apps kiosk
  • Secure containerization for patient records
  • Compliance management: remote wipe, lock, tracking

Military & Police

Safety agencies like police, military or fire departments must provide critical services: secure and reliable communications in case of emergency, act quickly and effectively in a crisis, work more productively on tasks less urgent.

  • Total device lock down: limited applications and functionalities
  • Separate personal and work data on employee-owned devices
  • Physical tracking in real time to map all devices
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