The Mobile Device management, an essential tool for the transport sector

13th of January 2021

In 2021, the transport and logistics sector still requires the use of mobile devices to carry out professional missions such as the management of orders, deliveries and the tracking of goods. Set up a MDM software to manage the entire fleet is required to succeed the missions.

mdm transport

If we look at the lorry driver’s profession, it requires professional equipment to work efficiently in good conditions. It is important for the worker to have at least a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone, to do its deliveries while still being in touch with its company. Without a managed mobile equipment, issues regarding the location of the device, the roadmap updates or regarding professional data security could happen.

Professional data security

Indeed, a driver who uses its personal phone for business purposes, without any data protection inside, could have access to many confidential data and documents that could be hacked by an individual who has nothing to do with the company.

Other inconvenience with the personal smartphone: if a document is updated by an employee of the company while the driver is on his way to deliver the goods, he will probably not receive the document on time and it will delay the mission. With a mobile management solution, such as TinyMDM, which enables the synchronization of documents between the administration console and the lorry driver, problems regarding incorrect documents or data security issues do not exist anymore. The company only needs to invest and lend professional smartphones or tablets to its employees but it can also set up a less restrictive MDM solution on the personal devices of its drivers.

Drivers security


Data security is very important for organizations, but that of the carriers is as well. Investing in a solution that blocks the touchpad interaction is a first important step to ensure his protection. By blocking the touchscreen response upon a certain speed, the user won’t have any interest in using his equipment while driving anymore.

To continue on the security, being a lorry driver often means being alone in his vehicle, far from the company. It is therefore essential to keep contact between him and its colleagues. It can be done for example by sending notifications to inform that a new professional contact or a new application to help him in his mission has been added to its phone, or it could be to take news. This will keep interaction and will improve the communication.

Linked to the driver isolation, a mobile fleet management is able to geolocate company’s devices. For example, if a device is connected to the internet, the administrator could know exactly where the truck is, if he is lost or in delay. TinyMDM precisely planned to develop in the beginning of 2021, its geofencing feature that will be able to define a perimeter on a map and actions that will be triggered if a device steps out of the zone (play an alert, lock the screen…).

Remote control of devices

Without a MDM solution, it is complicated to be in touch with the driver and to help him remotely when he is far from the team. With TinyMDM, if an issue comes to the device, the worker could ask the administrator to remotely visualize or take control of its device. Thus, the maintenance operations do not need to be done once the truck and the mobile phone are back. It is a real gain time the problem is solved remotely, faster and it doesn’t block the user while he’s working.