Enterprises must manage a wide range of devices, including corporate-owned, employee-owned, and sometimes a mix of corporate-owned / personally-enabled devices. With all of these different levels of ownership, businesses need to make sure business apps and data are safe on any device used for work, no matter who owns the device.

With TinyMDM, IT administrators can choose to setup a fully managed profile to keep a full control of the device; or simply create a work profile to separate business and personal data.


A fully managed device is ideal for corporate-owned devices, where the company keeps complete control over which apps and data are allowed on the device: app management, internet filtering, single or multi app lockdown (kiosk mode)…
Device-wide controls (such as a complete device wipe and reset to factory default settings) are also available on fully managed devices. Creating a secure mobile workspace can require extra layers of security, which is why most of the time global organisations will choose this management method.


Enabling a Work Profile is ideal for managing employee-owned devices (BYOD) or giving more freedom to employees using a company-owed device: it allows companies to manage the business data and apps, but leave everything else on the device under the user’s control.

  • Employees can safely use the device for work without being restricted from accessing their personal apps and data.
  • Admins can securely manage a work environment without restricting employees from using their device for personal apps and data. They also have limited control over the device itself (cannot view, access, or delete any personal apps).

In this management mode, business-related apps managed by the Work Profile have a particular business icon setting them apart from personal apps: they are held in a secure container.

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