As the IT administrator, be able to locate the mobile devices that are managed by the company.

This is essential for organizations providing smartphones or tablets to employees on the road (sales representative, drivers...) or for companies wanting to make sure the devices don't exit the premises.

Please note that this feature is available for company owned devices only, not employees’ personal devices in BYOD setup.

What is the MDM location tracking?

From the TinyMDM dashboard, follow your business Android devices anytime, anywhere by activating the MDM location tracking feature. Keep an eye on the accurate position of each device thanks to our Google Maps integration. You can see the location data in real-time when the device is connected to the internet, and have access to the last know position when off.

Enhanced security

Lost or stolen business devices are one of the biggest problems for IT departments. Sensitive documents that fall into the wrong hands can be a potential source of information for attackers. With TinyMDM, IT can find out the latest known position of a device, or remotely reset it, avoiding any data leak.

physical tracking

GDPR compliant

Location-based services are designed to be used only on company-owned devices. Geolocation is not an option for employees’ personal BYOD devices, and it is disabled by default for business devices. End-users will have to enable location services in order for the companies to track devices. If a user is geotagged, there is a mandatory notification displayed on the device. Users can check if TinyMDM has the geolocation permission or not from their device’s settings (in fully managed mode).

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