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mdm kiosk mode single app

Restrict the use of your Android mobile devices to a specific application or file.

The single application in kiosk mode is ideal for mobile devices dedicated to single taks or self-service kiosks, such as interactives devices or mobile point of sales.

The Android kiosk mode enables you to restrict access only to the authorized applications and files. In Single app kiosk mode, you can decide to allow only one application or file, which will remain open at all times, and which will be impossible to close: your Android mobile devices become devices dedicated to a single task. Only the selected application will be visible to the user, all others will be hidden.

Automatic launch

When starting or restarting the smartphone or tablet in kiosk mode, if you approve only one application, it will automatically open in full screen.

Hidden applications

Kiosk mode allows you to hide applications, which run in the background of the smartphone or tablet, but are not visible to the user.

Fully secured device

IT teams can now secure their device fleet against abuse and block unauthorized access. To get out of this Single Application kiosk mode, an administrator code will be required.

kiosk mode single app

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