TinyMDM’s Kiosk Mode for Single Application

The Single Application Kiosk Mode ensures that the device user remains focused on a specific application or task at hand. By restricting access to other device features, such as the home screen, settings, or other applications, distractions are minimized, leading to improved productivity and user engagement. It proves especially valuable in scenarios like retail point-of-sale systems, interactive kiosks, digital signage, education and training, customer service stations, or any other situation where a desire for dedicated and streamlined device usage exists.

Kiosk Mode for Single Application
Single Application Kiosk

From the TinyMDM console, administrators can remotely enable the single app kiosk, with real-time control and monitoring capabilities. This enables efficient troubleshooting, remote updates, and the ability to push configuration changes to devices, reducing the need for manual intervention and on-site maintenance.

Android tablet in kiosk