Customer Success Story: id2print

id2print uses TinyMDM to optimize the management of packages in Parcel Shops

About the company

Danish SMB providing a product called id2print, that helps Parcel Shops to optimize the management of their parcels: id2print can scan the barcode of a package and automatically print its identification label.

Their MDM Challenge

Their solution works on Android devices. Therefore, they had to find a way to lock down devices so that users could not use them other than with id2print. The solution had to be simple and easy-to-use for the users. With TinyMDM, they can control every device, switch between policies and update their application within minutes. Putting devices in different policies help them test their application before deploying it to the entire mobile fleet.

Our Solution tested two other MDM solutions and according to them, TinyMDM was the easiest mobile device management solution adapted to their needs. Below are the three reasons why:

  • Simple MDM solution: compared to 2 other solutions that took to much time to configure, TinyMDM was easy-to-use.

  • All features are included: all features are available in the subscription plan (apps management, remote control, geolocation, password policy…), there is not need to pay more to get additional features.

  • Affordable software:¬†as it is a small company, every expenses counts for them. TinyMDM is affordable considering the features included.

“The more simply a device is for the end-user, the better. TinyMDM is the perfect solution for that: we can lock down the devices in kiosk mode and keep them simple for the user.”

A word from the Client

“Regarding the configuration, TinyMDM is easy to use, I set up the first device in less than an hour. Indeed, on the software, each feature has its description, which made it easy to understand if it is useful. As for the technical support is concerned, I have been in contact with TinyMDM several times for specific questions and the support team answered all of them. I also sent a ticket that was solved and it even included the changes in an update!”

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