Remotely wipe corporate data using TinyMDM

How to remotely wipe out corporate data in a work profile setup?

A complete wipe-out will reset the device to the factory settings and delete all data from the device, including the personal data. A work profile wipe-out will delete only corporate data, leaving the user-configured data untouched.

Remotely wipe out work container

From your TinyMDM dashboad:
– Go to the Devices tab
– Click on the top right of the device’s box
– Click on Wipe work profile
– Agree to the warning popup
– All corporate data will be deleted from the device


Remove a work profile from the device:

At any time, the end-user can also remove the work profile from its device itself:

– Go to your Settings
– Go to Passwords and Accounts
– Choose the WORKprofile
– Click on Remove work profile and confirm your choice



Once the Work profile has been wiped out, it’s impossible to undo the process. If you need to enroll the device again, you’ll have to follow the steps to setup a Work Profile on the device again.