Transferring a device to another user

How do I transfer a device from one user to another?

Regardless of the method you chose to enroll your devices in TinyMDM (by scanning a QR code, or entering the afw# code, or with the multiple enrollment feature), you know that the device is linked to a user. Most of the time, if you want to change the configuration of a device, simply change the group user or the associated policy, but you may need to transfer a device from one user to another:

  • If several devices have mistakenly been assigned to the same user, scanning the same QR code
  • If a device needs to be reassigned to another employee (especially if you use TinyMDM managed user configurations)
  • If you manage several TinyMDM accounts (for your company or for different customers), and need to reassign equipment between accounts.

To transfer a device, go to the Devices tab, click on the menu of the device you wish to transfer, then on Change user.

In the popup window that appears, you can choose the TinyMDM account and user to which you want to transfer the device.

Please note several important points:

  • If the target user belongs to a different security policy, this new configuration will be applied to the device. The change will be immediate on the TinyMDM console, but may take several minutes to run on the device in question.
  • The target account must have a valid TinyMDM subscription and enough free licenses to host the device.
  • The target user must have fewer than 10 devices assigned to him or her. If the user already has 10 devices, he won’t be visible in the list.
  • If a manager is performing the transfer, he/she must have the corresponding permission in both the source and target accounts.
  • If a manager is performing the transfer, he/she must have access to the target user’s group, in accordance with his/her membership of the Structure. Otherwise, the user will not be visible in the list.