Track a device using TinyMDM

How to track a device on a map?

From from TinyMDM console, you can see the exact location of your devices. Please note that this feature gives you the location only if the GPS is enabled and the device is connected to the internet.

Geolocation of a device:

– From your TinyMDM console, go on to the Devices tab
– Click on the location icon ()of the device you want to locate

From the dashboard, follow your Android devices at all times and places by activating the location tracking. Keep an eye on the position of each device on a map for more security.


Geolocation of multiple devices:

– From your dashboard, go on to the Devices tab
– Select the devices you want to locate, then click on the geolocation icon () in the blue band that appears above the list of devices.
– On the geolocation page, you will see three grey boxes indicating which devices can be geolocated and which cannot, as well as the geolocation modes: by device or by policy.


✓ In the Geolocation managed by device box, you can see on how many devices the geolocation is enabled and on how many it is disabled. Simply click on Manage to do the opposite action. Exemple: disable geolocation on devices where it is enabled
✓ In the Geolocation managed by policy box, you can see on how many devices the geolocation has been defined on the policy. To manage geolocation by device and not by policy, go to the Policies tab, click on the icon to edit the policy, and go to the Device-Wide Controls sub-tab.
✓ In the Geolocation unavailable box, you will find all the devices in Work Profile mode, as they are not geolocatable.


View a device's geolocation history:

Geolocation also allows you to view a three-day history of geolocation positions for one device at a time. To do this, simply click on this icon from the Devices tab. If the selected device has moved in the last three days, dots will appear on the map as in the screenshot below.

device geolocation history

The red dot corresponds to the current position of the device. If the dot is grey, it corresponds to the last position of the device when it was connected to the internet. The blue dots correspond to the times when the position of the device has been uploaded to the console. They are generated as follows:
✓ Every 6 hours if the administrator does not refresh the position of the device from the console
✓ Instantly if the administrator clicks on the geolocation icon or on the Refresh position button
By positioning your mouse on one of the points, the geographical position will appear.

For privacy purposes, it is only possible to locate a fully managed device: physical tracking isn’t allowed when a work profile is installed on an employee owned (or corporate owned / personally enabled) device. If a user is geotagged, there is a mandatory notification displayed on the device. Users can check if TinyMDM has the geolocation permission or not from their device’s settings (in fully managed mode).