Setup a work profile (BYOD / COPE)

How to enroll a device already in use with a managed work profile?

– OS version 6 or newer
– Not available on Android Go devices

Enabling a Work Profile is ideal for managing employee-owned devices (BYOD) or giving more freedom to employees using a company-owed device (COPE): it allows companies to manage the business data and apps in a secure container, leaving everything else under the user’s control. More info about Work Profile here.

Setup a work profile on a device:

1. Download the TinyMDM app from the Play Store
2. Open the app and choose the option “Work Profile”
3. Follow the configuration wizard and accept the Terms of Use

download TinyMDM

4. Scan the QR code received by email or enter your login credentials (end user credentials, not the TinyMDM admin ones).

download TinyMDM

5. Business-related apps managed by the Work Profile have a particular business icon setting them apart from personal apps. They are held in a secure container and depending on the policy, affected to the device, a secure password will be needed to access it.

The Play Store inside the Work Profile will only display the Enterprise approved apps, but users can access the Play Store as usual once outside the Work Profile.

For a dual SIM device:

By creating a work profile, the Phone application is duplicated on the device: one is in the personal part of the device and the other one is installed on the work profile.

Phone calls management

If a user has two SIM cards, it is possible to set up both Phone applications, in order for outgoing calls to be made from the appropriate SIM card. You need to go on each application settings and select phone accounts to select the correct SIM card. This operation must be repeated for the other Phone app.

For the received calls, if the phone number is a known one, already registered in the Contacts application, visible in the work profile, then the call history will be visible on both call logs. On the personal phone app, the call log will appear with a little suitcase to signify that it was a work call. However, if the number is an unknown one, it will automatically appear on the call log of the personal profile.

private part
work profile

Text messages management

For the text messages, you can only use one Messages application per device. It is an Android restriction that prevent devices to have two applications that can send and receive text messages, even with two SIM cards.