By converting the device into a Kiosk, the end user won’t be able to access anything else than what you decided. In a single app lockdown setup, even the home screen and task bar won’t be accessible. With our MDM Kiosk Mode, you can decide to limit some devices to a dedicated application: perfect for free-accessible devices in public spots (stores, museums, libraries, etc). More info about MDM kiosk mode here.


From your TinyMDM dashboard, go to the Policies tab > Apps management section and tick the Enable lock task mode checkbox: only the authorised apps will be displayed on the device.

By clicking on Advanced lock task mode settings, you can choose to:

  • Display or not the floating home one
  • Activate the Shake and quit button that enable the user to quit the kiosk mode (with an admin code) by strongly shaking its device
  • Activate data deletion at the end of the session: it creates a session where user can access all the installed applications, and once he quit it, data entered are deleted.
  • Arrange apps by putting them into folders: the end-user won’t be able to rearrange them from the device. To do so, just click on “No Folder” and name it (ex: Business apps)

In classic kiosk mode, you can:

  • Display or not the home and “recent tasks” buttons
  • Enable the access to the notification bar
  • Disable the device switch off so that the user won’t be able to turn the device off.

In open kiosk mode, you have access to the status bar with notifications, widgets (Wifi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, torch, auto-rotate, etc.) and settings.

Info: If you authorize the app Exit Kiosk, end-used will be able to exit the kiosk mode after entering the rescue code (visible in the admin dashboard).


In the top-right corner of each application, there is a menu with multiple features:

  • Add the filtering, for an application to be filtered with the internet filtering
  • Hide an application, it will still work in the background but won’t be visible by the user
  • Add a password to enter an application


Note: you can choose to authorize or restrict the access to built-in app such as phone, messages, settings, info and SIM tools. From the Advanced apps management, fill in the box Allow the use of applications in kiosk mode using their package name and Display app icon of applications in kiosk mode using their package name with the package names of the applications separated by a comma.

Enable lock task mode