By converting the device into a Kiosk, the end user won’t be able to access anything else than what you decided. In a single app lockdown setup, even the home screen and task bar won’t be accessible. With our MDM Kiosk Mode, you can decide to limit some devices to a dedicated application: perfect for free-accessible devices in public spots (stores, museums, libraries, etc). More info about MDM kiosk mode here.


– From your TinyMDM dashboard, go to the Policies tab > Apps management section
– Tick the Enable lock task mode checkbox
– Only the authorised apps will be displayed on the device. Note: you can choose to authorize or restrict the access to built-in app such as phone, messages, settings, info and SIM tools.
– From the dashboard you can also arrange apps by putting them in folders: the end-user won’t be able to rearrange them from the device. To do so, just click on “No Folder” and name it (ex: Business apps).

If you authorize the app “Exit Kiosk”, end-used will be able to exit the kiosk mode after entering the rescue code (visible in the admin dashboard).

Enable lock task mode
kiosk mode device