Enable or disable Google FRP (factory reset protection)

From your TinyMDM account:

  • Go on to the Policies tab
  • Click on Edit to modify the policy of your choice
  • Inside the policy, scroll down to the Device wide-controls sub tab and tick Enable Google factory reset protection (FRP).
  • Then click on Add FRP account. An informative pop-up window appear to explain the importance of adding a FRP account.
  • Check the information boxes and confirm by clicking on Add FRP account.
enable the protection
  • Then, you are redirected to the Google connexion page, where you can choose an existing Google account or create a new one.
  • Once you select the account, you you go back to the TinyMDM policy and the chosen account becomes visible under “Enable Google factory reset protection (FRP)”.

On TinyMDM, you can disable the protection option on your fully-managed or kiosk mode devices. Check this option on Android 10 or less devices, because it is not possible to preconfigure an account for the FRP.

  • From your TinyMDM account, go on the Policies tab
  • Under Device-wide controls tab, tick the Disable Google factory reset protection (FRP) box
disable the protection
  • Once activated, the Google account verification step after a factory reset is skipped.