How to enable or disable the FRP protection

How to enable or disable the Factory Reset Protection on a device ?

WARNING: For TinyMDM versions 3.04770 to 3.04790, disabling Google reset protection (FRP) is currently unavailable. To avoid device lock-up after a factory reset, please first update TinyMDM or remove any Google account from the device before proceeding with the reset.

What is the "FRP"?

Google Factory Reset Protection (or FRP) is a security method designed to prevent anyone but the device’s owner to factory reset it. With FRP activated, it prevents use of a device after a factory data reset: device will still be blocked on the Google account previously setup on it. Although it’s useful when lost or stolen, it can become a problem in many situations, especially when it comes to enterprises: if an employee (signed in with his Google account as device owner) was to leave the company, his device will become unusable after factory reset.

With TinyMDM, it is possible to preconfigure a Google account for the FRP. This means that if the FRP is turned on after a factory reset, the device can be unlocked using the Google account entered on the software.

Enable the FRP protection

From your TinyMDM account:
✔ Go on to the Polices tab
✔ Click on the icon to modify the policy of your choice (  )
✔ Inside the policy, scroll down to the Device-wide controls tab, and tick “Enable Google factory reset protection (FRP)”


✔ Then click on Add frp account. An informative pop-up window appear to explain the importance of adding a FRP account.

If you check “Enable Google factory reset protection (FRP)”, but do not enter a FRP account by clicking on Add frp account, the FRP protection will be activated and your device will potentially be completely blocked after a factory reset if an unknown Google account had been entered by a user (same if you enter a FRP account but your device runs Android 10 or less). In this case, to remove the FRP protection, you will have to send the device back to the manufacturer with a proof of purchase, as it is not managed by the MDM solution.

✔ Check the information boxes and confirm by clicking on Add frp account.


✔ Then, you are redirected to the Google connexion page, in order to select an existing google account or to create a new one
✔ Once the Google account is selected, you are back on the TinyMDM policy and the chosen Google account is visible under “Enable Google factory reset protection (FRP)”.

Disable the FRP protection

On TinyMDM, you can disable the FRP option on your fully-managed or kiosk mode devices. It is recommended to check this option on Android 10 or less devices, because it is not possible to preconfigure a Google account for the FRP.

✔ From your TinyMDM console, go on the Polices tab
✔ Under Device-wide controls tab, tick the Disable Google factory reset protection (FRP) box

✔ Once this option is activated, the Google account verification step after a factory reset is skipped.