This tutorial is for devices which were initially in kiosk mode, and have been temporarily switched in fully-managed one. To know how to disable the kiosk mode, click here.

Restore the kiosk mode, from the device:

restore kiosk mode

Once the kiosk mode is disable on a device, it automatically switches to fully managed mode.

The administrator can decide to restore the kiosk from the administration console, on all the devices of a policy at the same time. However, if a user wants to restore the kiosk mode on his device, he has to follow the steps below:

  1. Among the installed applications on the device, click on TinMDM.
  2. Go on Administration tab and click on Enable kiosk mode. By typing the administration code, visible on the console, the device will automatically switch in kiosk mode.

Only the device which will follow those steps, will be back in kiosk mode.