Remotely lock / unlock devices using TinyMDM

How to remotely lock or unlock a device from your TinyMDM dashboard?

If you have any suspicion of theft or compromised device, instantly lock device to protect your data: this option will secure the device by forcing the user to enter the password to unlock it. You can also remove the password and remotely unlock the device so the end user can regain access to it if needed.
With TinyMDM you can also choose the password remotely so the end user will have to enter a specific password to use the device.

From your TinyMDM dashboad:
– Go to the Devices tab
– Click on the top right of the device’s box you want to lock / unlock
– Click on Lock screen or Delete password depending on your goals
– The device’s screen will immediately lock / unlock itself

You will be able to see the last lock request exact time and date on each device for security purposes.